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Ribalta PR – step into the spotlight

Ribalta (it.) [Ribalta:] Italian for spotlight; the place on stage where spotlight falls.

The name is no coincidence. Ribalta is a small but efficient public relations agency that helps you “out on stage and into the spotlight. ” Ribalta PR leaves nothing to chance. We know that everything you do communicates. We know how to reach your goals through strategic and tactical communication. Ribalta PR has the expertise, experience, contact network and creativity to create effective communication with mass media and interest groups in your environment. Our methodology and experience is at your disposal.

Must good advice be expensive?
We are small and cost effective, and therefore also less expensive than the big agencies. With us you avoid extensive and expensive planning processes. We go straight to the point, and you get full attention from the start. We are happy to assist your company with operational public relations services. We arrange communication courses for businesses of any size and hold thematic lectures, depending on your needs. Contact us today for an inspiring PR-chat!