More visitors from Scandinavia?

To become a more sought after tourist destination for Scandinavians, you must have the ability to communicate your best and most interesting sites and activities to your most relevant stakeholders. We assist you in reaching potential visitors by use of effective communication tools.

The tourism industry is growing and there are plenty of destinations to choose from for Scandinavians. If you want to be top of mind for the travelling Scandinavian, you have to be innovative and smart in your communication. If noone knows what si on your “menu”, the chances you are chosen the next holiday destination is rather slim.

Ribalta PR helps our customers finding the most interesting of their features seen from a Scandinavian vantage point. We find the best stories and activities that we know will make headlines in Scandinavian media, that will create interesting material for newsletters or will engage people on social media. If you use the right tools and channels, the potential is great for building your brand name and getting more visitors from Scandinavia.


Danmarkstur 2008


These are our most popular and effective methods to create good PR:

Creative workshops
For finding the best reasons for tourists to prioritize your particular destination, a good and effective workshop always does the trick. Ribalta uses tools to find the best, most attractive and desired sides of your destination, and together we go into detail finding the good stories. Then we create a strategy and a clear and realistic goal for your communication process in order to reach out to stakeholders important to you.

Press releases
An important ingredient in any communication plan are regular news dispatches. But in order to get the best results your news must be newsworthy. Ribalta will help you produce material that is interesting for the media to work with, and not seen as “commercial trash”. A good press rig, built on a good story and great pictures, is the difference between success and failure in the battle for attention.

Social media
Many seem to think that social media is a place to dump ads. If you do not post interesting messages, or are willing to communicate with users, your activities in social media can be counterproductive. We help you to create positive attention through professional use of social media.

Direct contact with potential customers is still an underestimated way of communicating. Research from the U.S. shows that investing in newsletters gives 40 times the value in return. To engage subscribers you will need interesting and relevant news, great offers and usefull articles, and the newsletter will create interest in your destination. If you do it right, newsletters will build trust and brand awareness.

Magazines / DM
Ribalta create diverse and inspiering customer magazines and brochures. These are efficient in spreading interesting editorial articles completely under your own control. Magazines can be part of newspaper distribution or be sent by post or digitally by e-mail.

Exclusive press invitations / events
The best way to get positive attention is by having an independent third party presenting your destination. Both Norway and Sweden have a number of publications that are interested in exclusive travel material, but the editorial threshold is sometimes high, making it difficult to get coverage. Ribalta PR helps you find the most interesting aspect of your destination, hence generating interest in the media. A thrilling and well organized press trip or event will attract multiple media, which in turn provides better coverage.

Short film clips on the Internett have emerged as one of the most important information tools you can use, and will provide thousands of viewers with a deeper insight than written text or images can give. We offer film projects of all sizes intended for use in social media and web portals.